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DEFRA Smoke Exempt Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Free-Standing Radiant Stove.

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Today & Tomorrow...Precision Stoves

REKINDLE YOUR LOVE of proper flames and abundant heat from a wood fire – it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures and one we’ve warmed to since
man’s very beginnings.

Today however, wood burning can also be seen as the practical ‘renewable’ energy source. A renewable that anyone can buy into without breaking the bank. No unsightly solar panels, no unwanted wind turbines and no dangerous radiation. Just our green and pleasant land the way that nature intended it.

Wood burners tick all of the boxes as a practical, sustainable and energy independent heating source. And Precision stoves tick more boxes than most with their advanced combustion technology and their outstanding value-for-money.

Compare Precision stoves’ built-to-last quality, classic good looks and, importantly, their high efficiencies and you can see why they’re the natural choice for many homeowners. So put yourself back in charge of your heating and at the same time do your bit for the environment and our children’s future.

We’re confident that a Precision clean burn wood burning stove will be one of the best buys you could possibly make for your home. How do we
know? Well, simply because our many delighted customers tell us.


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